The price of gold globally as the dollar fell

The price of gold worldwide on Tuesday as the dollar fell, but remained within the narrow Targehh this month, while investors awaited news on the action by central banks to stimulate growth may enhance the liquidity and keep interest rates low and fueling inflationary fears long-term.
The economic sources that "there are expectations helped that the Federal Reserve (Fed) in particular may start another round of stimulus measures favorable to gold, such as quantitative easing - printing money to buy bonds - to support the price of gold above $ 1600 an ounce (an ounce) ".
The sources said that "the price of gold in the spot market rose 0.1 percent to 1611.80 dollars an ounce at 1004 GMT. Contract price rose U.S. Gold December delivery $ 1.90 to 1614.50 dollars an ounce."
"With regard to other precious metals spot price rose 0.4 percent for silver to 27.90 dollars an ounce and platinum price rose 1.2 percent to 1396.50 dollars and the price of palladium rose 1.2 percent to 576.22 dollars an ounce."