The member of the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Attorney Rafie Abdul-Jabbar, the National Alliance is committed to its mass and can not get out of its course, pointing out that the first week after the holiday will vote on five important laws, including the Amnesty Law.

Abdul-Jabbar said that 'the Sadrist movement and the founder of the National Alliance, a coalition identity and can not come out of it.

The member of the Liberal bloc, told solution (News) that the 'crisis that took place in the government and the political process had the Sadrists to go to the Alliance of Irbil _ Najaf in order to correct the course of the political process and went to (18) point out to (9) essential points of the meetings of Erbil, Najaf .

Abdul-Jabbar pointed out that the 'mass since the start of the crisis called for the need to reform and that reform is not, there are several approaches taken by the Sadrist movement with the other blocks, indicating that the paper presented by the reform of the National Alliance will be discussed with the other blocks of the agreement.

The Abdul-Jabbar 'the presence of five important laws (the law of the Electoral Commission and amend the law on provincial councils and the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the General Amnesty Law) will be acknowledging after the feast be the beginning of political reform. Ended