Mutlaq discuss with the delegation of the Virtue Party and paper files of political reform and the adoption of the Amnesty Law

Baghdad (news) .. The Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, with the delegation of the Islamic Virtue Party, headed by its Secretary General Hashem al-Hashemi and Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari, a number of operational issues, legislative and political.

A statement from the Office of the Deputy Riss Minister received the Agency (news) copy of it: that al-Mutlaq, received at his office the delegation of the Virtue Party, and discussed with him the files and paper for political reform and the adoption of the amnesty law and ensure the implementation of the human rights and to try to improve the conditions of convicts and detainees in prisons because of its impact adult in achieving the goals that I found for it corrections.

The statement added that al-Mutlaq, focused on the importance of working hard to bring about significant changes in the file the government as a whole, leading to the advancement of the services and cope with unemployment and improve conditions for young people.

The statement said the two sides agreed to work towards more events Altqhrb between the political blocs in order to achieve stability and economic security for the Iraqi people.

The meeting was attended by MPs Hassan Almrobei and Gamal Abdel Ilah from the Islamic Virtue Party in addition to the deputies of the mass of the national dialogue they Jubouri and Raad Salah, Hamza Dahlaki Alkrtani. / Finished / d. N /