Office announced the implementation of Article 140 in Maysan for receipt of payments compensating for more than 1000 citizens of the deportees and displaced people from the province and pointed out the office manager Hassanein Ali said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that these amounts represent the first batch of covered amounts of compensation, there will be a meal later. and called on the citizens to cooperate with employees of the office and punctuality that has been developed for the receipt of instruments also invited to visit the social networking site Facebook to make sure that the names of covered compensation. The citizens were happy after the appearance of their names in the lists of the first meal of the covered amounts of compensation, which amounted to ten million per person . while criticizing other citizens weak regulation and the mechanism used by the Bureau in completing the transactions of compensation, which creates a busy and stampede among the citizens, they say. It is said that the number of applicants for the Office of the implementation of Article 140 in the Maysan province of displaced persons, for compensation of more than 100 thousand citizen, according to officials.