8-13-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Thank you for your response BWM. First of all I'd like to apologize if I came across abrasive. If I seem worn out from this ride, it's because I am. I do appreciate anyone who devotes their time to this investment and realize that we're all on the same team. However, it seems that you have chosen to focus on whether or not a website is based out of North Carolina or where an author lives. You have addressed none of the information I presented. I have now presented over 20 documents (Harvard studies, Macroeconomic Research Papers For Government Bodies, Political Risk Consultancy Firm Paid Subscription Reports etc.). I assume you have read none of them since you don't debate their findings. If you have read them and choose not to dispute their finding then that would lead me to believe that you agree, which would negate your argument. If you have more accurate information I would be very interested in reading up on that.

Mostly I read just post-rv financial advise and "any minute" rumors from the site that you're affiliated with. The basic question I have is, "What would you suggest?" You tell us not to research articles, which would lead me to believe you prefer the rumors. Yet these are your own words today: "8-13-2012 BWM (Partial post, full post can be found on Recaps): They have admitted that dates have come and passed and they have no good reason many times to why it didn't happen... these were ppl whom I thought should know. And there were those that had 6-8 "confirmations" within that group... what does that tell me? well I know for a fact that at least 3 of those original ppl who told me it was happening talk to each other. So if you take the fact those 3 told at least 1 other person and they called someone and it all circles around when one of those call the original back... you see why I don't talk to certain ppl and repeat anything they say..this is another reason that I have to minimize those that say I talked to this guru 15 times today or I've been on the phone with this guru ALL Day. If you are supposed to be looking for information the last place I would suggest calling is a guru."

Those are your words BWM. So, which is it? If we are not to research independently and we are not to listen to the gurus with the "circle" intel, as you said they are the "last place you would suggest calling," then what would you suggest? I have a suggestion of my own. As investors it is our responsibility to educate ourselves as much as possible and come to our own conclusions. This is only possible when reading articles, which obviously includes far more than Iraqi political articles as I have said many times. We of course must be very skeptical when it comes to certain reports from Iraq as all newshounds know, the source and the motivation determines the credibility.

We are expecting a currency appreciation shock a minimum of 100,000% when previous historic revaluations range from a 20% - 40% increase and that includes when several step appreciations of the commercial exchange rate were taken. Which is why I suggest reading up on how Iraq taking that step may help reduce global imbalances and the preparatory steps they must take in order to accomplish this. I do appreciate the amount of time you devote to this and do hope we can all work together and encourage people to research and come to their own conclusions. I sure don't pretend to have the answers but many do and string people along daily. Lately you have spoken out about this problem and as I said before, kudos to you. When it comes to such a speculative topic, where none of us have the answers, I believe we will have a better chance of putting this puzzle together if everyone is searching for the missing pieces. Thanks for convo and your time.