[1:10:08 AM] toni (TONI1960): [bluedog] Parliamentary Finance warns of economic crisis .. The budget next year will be the new currency …………………… She said Najib, that “oil prices saw a decline in recent months due to lower prices in world markets, pointing out that when you approve the supplementary budget in the House of Representatives and the $ 9 trillion two hundred and fifty billion, demanding that the government keep the surplus in case of any urgent matter, the economy is facing the future.”
She explained, that “the recommendations issued by the Finance Committee to the Central Bank include issuance of new Iraqi currency over the next year, and recommendations related to other indebtedness at the completion of the new currency.”
On the subject of the distribution of petrodollars on the citizens indicated Najib that “there is a provision in the budget gives authority to the government grant of surplus oil profits to the citizens after issuing instructions from the ministries of finance and planning, pointing out that the delay distribution is due to the return of the supplementary budget by the government to parliament.” иии 5A9.html LINK

[bluedog] Jaafari and Talabani receives phone call efforts to resolve the outstanding problems between the political parties ………A statement by the al-Jaafari’s office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “al-Jaafari was reassured on the health of Talabani and wished him good health and wellness. For his part, Talabani said that “the Kurdistan Regional Government reacts positively and constructively with the reform efforts adopted by the Iraqi National Alliance to overcome the current crisis, praising the significant role played by al-Jaafari through bilateral dialogues conducted with the heads and representatives of the political blocs to work on the convergence of views. иии mid%3D86 LINK
[bluedog] Announced the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the government of the Kurdistan region when the official holiday of Eid al-Fitr, starting from Sunday till Thursday day on the twenty-third of August now. иии %3D51932 LINK [bluedog] Kurds will take a five day Holiday
[bluedog] Urgent .. Kurdistan announced a five-day holiday for Eid al-Fitr SUNDAY, AUGUST 12 / AUGUST 2012 13:48 Twilight News / said the Kurdistan Regional Government, for a public holiday for Eid al-Fitr starts from Sunday until next Thursday the same week. According to a government statement reported for “Twilight News”, “On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr Presidency of the Council of Ministers decided at the start of the Kurdistan Regional Government official holiday as of the day on Sunday 19/8/2012 until 23/8/2012 day on Thursday a public holiday in the territory of Kurdistan. ” иии 5B1.html LINK [bluedog] Deputies confirm that the economic accession to the WTO legislation requires three economic laws……………………….Iraq requires legislation three important laws to be able to get a permanent membership of the WTO………………..”the law of customs tariff and Protection Act domestic product and consumer protection law is one of the most prominent legislation requested by the WTO to get Iraq to permanent membership………………………………………The Iraqi government announced that it has not yet decided to officially go to Neil for Iraq Iraq for permanent membership of the WTO. requires WTO commitment Bagyatea and that the commitment of the state wishing to join them signed the Protocol of Accession includes approval of the application of all the WTO agreements. иии 14473%2F LINK [bluedog] funny huh
[bluedog] Iraqi Media Network “: that” dialogue is well under way and the degree of consideration of the coalition are clear and the longer to reach a paper with integrated unified vision of the political parties. “
He continued: “The practical steps of the Alliance has already begun and two-way, at the legislative and executive,” noting that the first track is to vote on legislation to support the reform project and the work of the judiciary, where it is hoped to be voted on a legal Federal Court and the Judicial Council in the House of Representatives after the feast. President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki agreed late last month, to work together to resolve dilemmas with the blocks according to the dialogue and uphold the Constitution. иии %3D62913 LINK
[bluedog] under way wow
[bluedog] underway secret little meetings huh
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[bluedog] Cameras of the CIA established a secret archive of Iraqi politicians BAGHDAD – Iraq News Network: confirmed on the close of a foreign embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad, who spoke about the news that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency CIA Has an archive video and audio for most of the current Iraqi politicians. She said that the CIA Were planted recording devices and cameras in most of the miniature houses and offices of these politicians and eavesdropping on conversations and personal phone call.
She described the Archive as this large and bulky, noting that it contained enough to topple a lot of senior political figures the process. It showed that the U.S. administration are from time to time to provide parts and small details of this archive compression chips to serve U.S. interests in Iraq, a woman Mijolha position in Iraqi political decision. http://translate.googleu иии IjSEDaPw LINK