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    Reform Paper

    8-13-2012 Reform Paper: Saleh (of the PUK) is in Baghdad to meet Maliki and look at the paper of the National Alliance Ahead of Talabani's Return. Saleh arrived in Baghdad to meet with Prime Minister Maliki and other officials, stressing that the benefit will brief visit during the reform paper put forward by the National Alliance. Saleh arrived in the capital Baghdad, after the contact took place between President Talabani and President Jaafari, a few days ago. The goal of Saleh's visit to Baghdad is to see the reform paper put forward by the National Alliance and pave the way for dialogue with Baghdad to resolve outstanding problems, such as the return Talabani from Germany, pointing out that the Visit Schedule for included a meeting with Prime Minister Maliki and leaders of the National Alliance, Jaafari, Hakim, and Najafi.

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    Things are looking up!!

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