Date: Monday 13/8/2012 9:47

 Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
Student members of the House of Representatives the exit of citizens to peaceful protest to demand their rights of providing security and services, having "made sure that the reform paper launched by the National Alliance does not only serve some political blocs powerful, and it was far away from the suffering of the Iraqi street from a lack of services and poor security."

A coalition of state law that "the peaceful demonstrations are not the best solution in this period, considering that at this time to raise an add a new crisis, because the paper did not come into the reform implementation." He called blocks, which urges citizens to demonstrate hold off and wait for the outcome of this paper, likely at the same time the implementation of reforms after the national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani.

Kurdistan Alliance MP Chuan Mohamed Taha said, "The demonstrations have put pressure on the coalition on the one hand and government on the other," but he added that "such demonstrations will be unsuccessful if the parties have intervened."

Taha said in a statement yesterday that the "demonstrations are the right people and the exercise is normal, but he expressed his fear that" fall within the narrow political party. "

For his part, a coalition of state law "that the protests do not do any good," considering the timing of this period, "leading to the creation of a new crisis," calling on the blocks calling her a "deliberate, and wait to see what will come out about a paper the reform is implemented to a very far," according to MP Ibrahim Rikabi.

He Rikabi told the paper yesterday that the reform "began to take a certain resonance with most of the blocks calling for the withdrawal of confidence, and that the leaders of these blocks expressed her full satisfaction with the terms of the paper."