Maliki: Iraq in the heart of the storm and burn Altosaion

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12 / AUGUST 2012 15:48

Twilight News
/ Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Sunday, that Iraq is still "in the heart of the storm" sweeping the region by the Arab spring, warned at the same time that the expansionists who seek strife between peoples "burn" Banekasha them.

Maliki said in a speech during a ceremony on the occasion of World Youth Day in Baghdad attended by "Twilight News" that "Iraq in the heart of the storm, has faced the case of destruction and terrorism before, we can overcome this storm and not to go the wrong direction so as not to return fire to our country again."

And went on: "We need to understand the awareness of the seriousness of the political situation surrounding us and must be Nhsn ourselves from the effects of external factors."

He said, "every state is intervening in the affairs of other countries and is moving to expand the influence and spread the destructive ideas will return for her actions."

He warned that what Maliki urges everyone in the region burn, saying, "All those who are moving to expand the dissemination of ideas and destructive burn what is happening because the strife in the country affects the rest of the countries."

He said, "We have no interest in that we interact with what is happening and to be an echo of the voices that want to sedition and must expect everyone to understand that we are partners in this country whether we like it or not."

Maliki said that "countries that adopt the approach of sectarian and racial advantage of young people to achieve their objectives sick, and you must not allow this and not let the regional areas of interventions and to encroach upon our security and our sovereignty."