Osman reveals the U.S. role in the formation of a committee of UNAMI to support the enactment of the Oil
On: Sun 12/08/2012 20:25

Baghdad - Citizen
revealed the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, a Sunday, the existence of the role of the United States in the formation of a committee of the United Nations Mission in Iraq to help in the enactment of the oil and gas.
Osman said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "America has important and primary role in the formation of a committee of UNAMI to the enactment of the oil and gas to help resolve differences over this law, "noting that" Washington's goal during this step not to obstruct the work of its major oil operating in the region. "
Osman added that "the formation of this committee shows the depth of the differences between the political blocs on the law and their inability to resolve these differences themselves, "adding that" the political blocs do not agree on the law, which was supposed enacted in 2006. "
The Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler has revealed, in (11 August current), in a press statement from his office in Iraq would be a delegation internationalist after the holiday shall follow the law of oil and gas.
Osman pointed to "the existence of several drafts of the law, the first state and the second from the presidency of the republic and the other draft proposed by the Commission Aalnaft and gas parliamentary, "explaining that" The draft government is rejected by the Commission on oil and gas as rejected Almsodtan other two by the government. "
The minister said that "the problem of the law of oil and gas and oil in general has become number one in Baghdad, Erbil," pointing out that "the legislation, the law needs to be united effort by the government and the political blocs, and there is a tendency to enact the law. "
The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary confirmed, the sixth of September of last year, 2011, that the draft law of oil and gas provided by the Government of the parliament, involves a "constitutional violation" to confiscate the right of the provinces and territories , indicating that it is possible to amend the bill and enrichment to reach a suitable formula is agreed upon between the political blocs.