11/08/2012 15:14

ERBIL, Aug. 11 (AKnews) - A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives stated Saturday that there is a secret organization in every Iraqi ministry leading the country and preventing the establishment of the state.

Hassan al-Alawi said the different sectors in the country are managed by secret organizations, wondering who accepts the prime minister as being responsible for the interior and security ministries while people die in daily security incidents in different cities.

"The prime minister must not be responsible for the interior and defense ministries and the security officials must be punished and interrogated in the Council of Representatives.

"The question is why Adnan al-Asadi isn't assigned formally to manage the Interior Ministry to be legally responsible in front of the government and the people about the security operations and instability happening in the country?

"I always demand assigning Asadi formally as the minister of interior as he is the actual minister but without responsibility", he said, calling for addressing the stable security situation in the country by taking the first step and appointing the interior minister, especially al-Asadi who has experience in holding this position.

By Wafaa Zangana

RN/DM/AKnews : http://www.aknews.com/en/aknews/3/321265/