Iraqi rule of law for the position of Defense
On: Sun 12/08/2012 10:08

Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
revealed a coalition of state law that the position of Secretary of Defense would be the share of new grouping, which includes "white, free, and patriots," which will be in the next few days, adding that the bloc's total staff strength of more than (35) deputies have " deprived of all government positions because of the acquisition of Iraqi leaders to those positions. "

While reduced the Iraqi List of these statements and regarded it as just a pulse not only, noting that the issue of the security ministries will be resolved at the national conference called by the President of the Republic has recently been discussed this subject between the heads of political blocs.
The MP said the coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri for " term "the Iraqi List, white, free and block national and some of those who defected from the coalition in Iraq in connection with the formation of a large block will exceed the number (35) deputies, noting that this block has the great privilege by giving them an important position in the government.
He added that "this number (35) deputies denied any position within the government for acquisition of the leaders of the Iraqi List, to such places and distributed either by Almzajiat or favoritism, pointing out that the Ministry of Defense will be the one of the most basic rights that should be awarded for this new cluster.
formed Iraqi bloc white (7 March 2011) by eight deputies defected from the Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi, and later split them five deputies to declare the establishment of the bloc headed by the free Qutaiba Jubouri.