Barham Salih Talabani calls for review of an alliance with Barzani

Created on Saturday, August 11

Erbil / Orr News

Said Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that "it is time to reconsider and review the strategic alliance between his party and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, led by regional president, Massoud Barzani," noting that "while confirming the two parties have their adherence to this Alliance, they seek to modify and review, during their joint, there is an agreement of the parties the need for this review, "adding that" This agreement is very important for Kurdistan, and also to perpetuate the fraternal relations between us and the Democratic Party, but that does not mean that there will be a lot of comments and views on the agreement strategic we have discussed together, and we agree to review the agreement so as to achieve more consensus and unity of the situation especially in this sensitive conditions we are experiencing. "

Said Barham, speaking with a number of Kurdish officials, who took the responsibilities of government and parliamentary elections in Baghdad and Arbil during his meeting with them at the headquarters of the Political Bureau of the Party in Arbil and assured them that "the National Union need to experience and qualifications because the current circumstances require the mobilization of all capabilities to meet the challenges and risks facing the Kurdistan Region" . Saleh said "We have to benefit the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the people from your experiences and your experiences accumulated to perform the duties of the current stage and future."

In spite of that favor headed the squad prior to the Kurdistan Regional Government for two years but he called in his speech to update the way the government and said, "We are both in the National Union or within the framework of the Kurdistan Alliance, we must work seriously towards the holding of political reforms, the root at the level of government, and that the events and developments in the region and the requirements of this stage require review and overhaul of our approach to governance and the fulfillment of reforms in order to achieve our primary goal is to establish a government of citizenship. "