Expert: Iraqi funds frozen in a huge global banks and the central responsibility

On: Saturday 11/08/2012 18:46

A citizen's stressed financial expert, Mohsin Ali, the importance of investment in Iraqi funds frozen in international banks in strategic projects serving the country, blaming the central bank responsible for not recover that money because it can recover through its external relations

, said on Saturday that "the central bank bears the responsibility Great not to invest in Iraqi funds frozen in international banks, amounting to more than (62) billion dollars, because it can connect to the banks the world and the recovery of the money of the country. "
stressing "that the volume of frozen funds large, even if invested properly to have achieved substantial financial resources of the state, as well as benefit from in the implementation of investment projects and services, in addition to that it will solve a lot of the problems the service experienced by the Iraqi citizen, such as electricity, housing and others. "
The international reports to Iraq's possession of large sums of money frozen in international banks, which dates back to the officials of the former regime were frozen after the fall of the year ( 2003)