Finance parliamentary reveal the possibility of negotiating with Kuwait to resolve the issue of debt

Posted on Saturday, August 11 / August 2012 12:19
BAGHDAD / With: revealed the parliamentary finance committee for the possibility of negotiating with Kuwait to resolve the issue of debt.
A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib, told the future, on Saturday, that "the governments of Iraq and Kuwait between them now is a good relationship, especially as there have been negotiations between the two countries, stressing that there is hope that is to negotiate and resolve the issue of debt between the two countries."
Noting that "what has resulted from these negotiations was pushed Iraq 500 million Iraqi dinars this regard to claims on Iraqi Airways, as he will be paid $ 300 million installment initial of the total amount, indicating that it is considered a good omen and a sign that relations have improved, and there can be also exempted from this debt. "
She explained Najib as "the legislation of a special law allowing the federal government to pay financial dues of Kuwait, and the implications of the Iraqi Airways, as its grant of $ 300 million as a down payment during the current year, and acted within the budget of 2012, while the remaining amount of $ 200 million will be repaid in the next year, majoring his funds within the budget 2013. "
The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives estimated the damages which will be paid by Iraq to Kuwait with only 20% and Iraq will continue to pay the 5 consecutive years, indicating that Iraq is obliged to pay 5% annually for the State of Kuwait by the UN resolution of the United Nations.