Alliance of Kurdistan: Amnesty Law beginning of a genuine national reconciliation
11/08/2012 14:42

Diyala province August 11 / August (Rn) - considered the Kurdistan Alliance bloc of parliamentary law that the general amnesty the beginning of a genuine national reconciliation and will carry a large positive impacts on the file security and humanitarian, calling for accelerating adoption and fairly innocent people who have not been convicted of terrorist offenses.

A member of the Alliance and a member of the security and defense parliamentary Hassan Jihad, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Kurdistan Alliance, with the adoption of the amnesty law as soon as possible to a dimension of humanity that are excluded from blood on their hands the blood of Iraqis and the perpetrators of the killings and terrorism."

And the voice of the Iraqi parliament in the September / September on the amnesty law the controversial made by the Sadrist bloc in principle to be referred to the Legal Committee to determine the extent to which paragraphs with the Iraqi Constitution.

Jihad said that "the political blocs do not agree on some things with regard to convicted on charges of terrorism and this is another law was passed," noting that "the political blocs left room for amendment and vote on the national interest of the country,"
He noted, "there is a consensus and agreement between the political blocs to accelerate the adoption of the amnesty law and resolve points of disagreement about it."
And the effects of a proposed amnesty law debate between the political blocs, especially among a coalition of state law and the Sadrist movement, to demand the rule of law to amend certain paragraphs of the project that define the categories covered by the amnesty or not the government also asked the House to wait in the legislation.

At a time in which he referred to Jihad, "The law includes regulations and standards to prevent the return of released prisoners to practice their activities suspicious of the new," he called "the federal government to create sound atmosphere and climate for the success of the national reconciliation project"

The law is one of the terms of the political agreement that paved the way for the formation of the Iraqi government, under which the Sadrists support Maliki's nomination for a second term.

Article I of the General Amnesty Law "to be relieved a general amnesty and comprehensive about the Iraqis (civilians and military personnel) who are inside and outside Iraq sentenced to death or life imprisonment or the temporary or imprisonment, whether their sentences-face or in absentia gained have become final or no gain."

Indicates a proposed law that he be evacuated convicts and detainees referred to in Article (1) and (2) of this Act after the issuance of the decision to release from the committee formed under the provisions of this law unless they are convicted or arrested for crimes they did not located the peace in or waiver with people with the victim, or persons indebted to the state or even what they pay the discharged debt from a lump sum or in installments or executive detention expires. But the proposed law excludes persons involved murder, drugs and incest.