Column VIII: germ warfare against Shabibi
On: Saturday 11/08/2012 10:23

Ali Hussein
fired artillery coalition of law these days, shells of heavy against Dr. Shabibi Governor of the Central Bank from all directions, under the slogan: "We do not want economists assume our affairs," and builds these snipers and shooters their plan in the bombing on the grounds that Shabibi belongs to a range of technocrats inconsistent with the requirements of the new reality, who wants him to another based on the values ​​of sectarian quotas and favoritism, ignorance and superstition, but went the rule of law experts to accuse men of being responsible for the smuggling of Iraqi funds

To terrorist organizations, they came out with the Attorney Haitham Jubouri charge legitimately from God to serve Iraq - as explained to us that sovereignty before three days in the program "TYRE Sayem," which aired Baghdadi, saying, quote, "It Aukd always for his family he was charged by God to serve the nation" It is important that the Attorney "in charge" charged political figures influential in the Central Bank of smuggling $ 10 million a day to finance terrorism, I do not want here to discuss the accusation made ​​by the Jubouri or not, only I'm talking about the curriculum and the way they treat their associates al-Maliki with a personal-sized Shabibi , some threatened to take a decision in the House of Representatives that did not provide Shabibi his resignation and left the central bank figures more experienced and familiar with the economic situation, and not Jubouri for example, the man has all the qualities of an economist, is the first member of the Finance Committee, parliamentary, and this committee has achieved over the past two years great achievements , of which the law of retired members of Parliament, and the advance percent salary for each parliamentary and project armored cars, which was aborted due to anger people, but, fortunately, and because God can carry "charge" able deputy Jubouri that gets the armored car and told us sovereignty in the program, because it has to the lack of security in Iraq, did not forget MP Jubouri that preaches us that there is a new project in Parliament to provide plots of new members, and I think that to achieve such great achievements has the right to submit Shabibi and all the experts, the Central Bank to the nearest guillotine.
If the bullets first in the war against Shabibi had been launched from above the platforms of state law, the entry of the President of parliament, it will allow it to expand to include other types of weapons, which threatens that Shabibi and his assistants will be under the bombardment of bombs, germ warfare in the coming days.
Let us ask Corps attack on the rule of law, whichever is most dangerous to Iraq, the world of great size Shabibi, who sought with skill and efficiency to the operation of mechanisms for building state institutions on scientific grounds? Or whales corruption who spread like a cancer in the body of the country?.
has not been proven so far that Shabibi and those with him formed a threat to national security even decide Ohaws state law and their electronic campaign slanders against him, but certainly the picture and sound, that the corrupt gloss them some officials, they destroyed the country and formed and constitute the most serious threat against the security of the homeland and citizens, no less dangerous than the threat of terrorist groups, under a total collapse of resistance to the government in all its bodies against the virus of corruption, the case reached us that we become at the forefront of the country's most corrupt and looting of public money, to the extent that it can not with one for presenting a true and realistic amount of money looted from state coffers over the past few years.
Perhaps the top of the contradiction and duplication, the Njeic armies against the world and senior economist just because he refuses to enter the central bank to the fold of the government, and move the pieces of artillery, your child's attempts to reform the banking system in Iraq , and then come out every day, Prime Minister speeches revolutionary reform and the fight against corruption and take advantage of the experience.
argue that Shabibi more Iraqi and patriotism of all snipers deployed on the roofs of buildings, government and parliament.
Finally all what we want the Government to be clearer and courage in their decisions and orientations, They should not hide behind the Congress is tired of people Talathm Gorgeous, because this method has failed and will fail inevitably.