Sadrists: reform paper is a waste of time .. Jaafari: the atmosphere more positive or less negative!
On: Saturday 11/08/2012 9:22

Baghdad / range
considered the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said on Friday that the political climate now "more positive" than it was previously, pointing to near the meetings between the blocks after passing the stage of bilateral dialogues, as he emphasized the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim standby " the results of a critical and important "after the day of Eid.

And reduced the MP for the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani of the importance of eight points issued by the National Alliance, which urges that the legislation of laws and resolving security files returned them as "initiative, the old and deserves to be fired by the paper reforms."
Jaafari said in a joint news conference with al-Hakim , and followed the "long", he "reviewed the summary of our discussions with various parties in the reform initiative, and we had a comparison between what we were in the past two months and we are now," asserting that "the atmosphere today, more positive or less negative than it was before."

The al-Jaafari to "near the meetings with the character of block after we passed the stage of bilateral dialogues, so as to achieve participation of all parties without exception," stressing the need to "preserve national unity between us and our true in all matters ranging from strategic issues important to the simplest things . "
He al-Jaafari that "the partner can not be marginalized," pointing to "the existence of some of the precursors at the regional level, and we can only emphasize the need to close national ranks among the national forces, all political."
He al-Jaafari that "the participants are so many, it can not be to ignore, and we got the returns positive and good, "stressing that" the urgent need for the integration of bilateral relations between the parliament and government, and between the coalition and the rest of the alliances to understand the problems raised by others. "
The president of the National Alliance that "the debate and get to it by consensus between the parties all able to solve our problems on the short or medium term according to the nature of the problems at hand, "stressing that" the returns have been positive. "
For his part, Hakim said that he discussed with al-Jaafari, "the political crisis and the positive developments taking place in and reform measures to be achieved," stressing that "has been preparing for meetings more serious and enthusiastic, and prepare for the results of critical and important after the day of Eid."
The wise support "strongly for the unity and cohesion of the National Alliance to be the hinterland strong and important partner to the other partners in the political process," stressing the need to "overcome the problems, and unify the visions in order to achieve More national cohesion, and harmony, and restore the rights to their owners in the process of integrating the rights and obligations of all parties in our own. "
with reduced MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani of the importance of eight points issued by the National Alliance, which urges that the legislation of laws and resolving security files returned it as a "Initiative old and not worth the paper called the reforms". The Kanani told the "Line" that "There are no paper reforms but are eight points issued by the National Alliance urges that the legislation of laws and the resolution of the security ministries and this is not new and that a section of politicians called the paper reforms and the other part of Aieir significance."
and added that "this points implement what has been agreed upon in Arbil and there is no paper reforms from our point of view and all Mahnak is agreed on some issues and the parties concerned to implement the agreement. "
promised Kanani theme paper reforms as a "stalling and trying to get to the end of the parliamentary session," noting that "the next election has become close and Mabaka only a year and nine months and ends life of the government, I do not think there is the feasibility of reforms. "
and that "the political blocs will organize and prepare for the upcoming elections which will take place at the beginning of the year 2014 on the grounds that in 2013 will be busy in the alliances and the talks will end paper reforms and the other to nothing. "
It was a coalition of state law revealed, in (June 26, 2012), for the National Alliance to form a committee to develop a paper includes components all, including the Sadrist movement, to develop a paper for political reform, to accommodate the problems of the political process and the government and the state.
The head House of Representatives Osama Najafi and head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim in (August 1, 2012), the need for paper reforms in its final form during the last ten days of the current month of Ramadan.
It was agreed that a party calling the organization of Iraq and virtue, in (8 August now), the implementation and success of and political reform paper presented by the National Alliance in order to get out of the political crisis in the country and the adoption of the constitutional mechanisms primarily to resolve all outstanding issues.
He had earlier said the National Alliance, in the July 7, 2012, that the Reform Committee set up by the will hold talks with other political blocs to consider a number of issues outstanding, indicating that the most important priorities to resolve file security ministries and tackle corruption, as pointed out that the Commission divided the problems and will have solutions in three phases.
and the National Alliance was announced on the sixth of July 2012, for authorization for the Reform Committee set up by approaching other political blocs and dialogues with He stressed the importance of calming the media by political parties all.
held Reform Commission set up by the coalition to reform the political process, in (the fourth of July, 2012), held a meeting attended by representatives of political entities affiliated with it (most notably a coalition of state law and the Islamic Supreme Council and the Sadrists), and saw completion of the previous discussions to get out to see a united and clear about the political issues at hand, the day after the invitation of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, to be a Reform Commission impartial and not "Maalikis," and demanding Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to be serious about reform before the end the parties to withdraw confidence from it .