Maliki and Jaafari discuss the results of the reform initiative adopted by the National Alliance
10/08/2012 17:31

Erbil, 10 August / August (Rn) - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari on Friday, the overall political situation in the country and the results of the reform initiative adopted by the National Alliance, while the two sides stressed the importance of a direct dialogue to expedite the conduct necessary reforms.

And the National Alliance last month, an official invitation to all the political blocs to start a direct dialogue on a package of reforms beyond the current political crisis.

According to a statement issued by the Office of the President of the National Alliance briefed agency Kurdistan News (Rn), a copy of that "al-Jaafari discussed with al-Maliki during his visit to the last day the most prominent issues on the political scene in Iraq," adding that "the meeting focused on the results of the reform initiative adopted by the the National Alliance, and the emphasis on the need to communicate. "

According to the statement, "The two sides stressed the importance of direct dialogue with the blocks and all the national forces to carry out the reforms needed to accelerate and maintain the interest of Iraq, the Supreme, and assemble the national front."

And student representative of the religious authority, the Supreme Shia in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani in his Friday sermon today Karbala politicians to disclose details of the reform paper for the National Alliance on the people to stand on its content and knowledge of the process of blocking political reform and Yemen was behind the political crisis in the country, as called for political blocs away from the quotas in political decision-making.

The National Alliance has formed a committee of political reforms aimed at resolving the ongoing political crisis in the country for months, calling for political blocs to deal seriously with the paper's reform and serious dialogue to reach viable solutions to the political crisis, warning of loss of time and effort in the event did not achieve the reform process the desired results .

Those close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the latter proceeded to conduct a series of quick fixes, including re-former Iraqi army officers to the service and the formation of a committee to review the law of accountability, justice and discuss the possibility of referring the names of candidates of the security ministries to the House of Representatives.

And form an alliance to withdraw confidence from the Maliki legal committee comprising two representatives from each party and began its work in Erbil to discuss the legal frameworks for questioning in the House of Representatives in preparation to launch no-confidence vote.

The President of the House of Representatives Osama al recently questioned Maliki's decision to freeze by the political blocs because of ongoing negotiations.