Salman al-Musawi: the House does not have the capacity and appropriate mechanisms to monitor the performance of the Central Bank/THE GAZETTE! :
Baghdad-and street- Member Committee on the economy and investment Salman al-Musawi House don't have the ability to monitor the performance of the Central Bank because of its lack of experts in banking and financial management.

In a statement to the press, said: "the Central Bank Governor Sinan alshashbibi denied earlier that the Central Bank is subject to supervision of executive authority as an independent body and that the Constitution to make the Central Bank control associated with the House".

Al-Musawi stressed "the lack of an appropriate mechanism to the Council to monitor the performance of the Bank, errors occasionally appear, indicating that the control over the Bank need experts in financial management, banking and accounting specialists and this is not owned by Parliament."

He stressed that the Joint Central Bank control between the legislative and executive branches of the importance of this substrate is detailed in a country's financial policy and if any error occurred, this will reflect negatively on the Iraqi Street, stressing that persons belonging to the Executive Branch has in this area as well as appropriate follow-up mechanisms ".

"We asked more than once to deal directly with the importer's Bank by import leave through open adoption, and that brought the goods that enter the country, but the Bank dealing with a limited number of banks, let alone such a deal so far" ...P/I