30 figure nominated for interior and defense .. Decisiveness and far
Date: Thursday, 09.08.2012 9:40

Baghdad / range
of new end of the last attack last July on the building of the fight against terrorism in central Baghdad in broad daylight to talk again about the security vacuum bags, and the mismanagement of the government to file security in the country. The problem of the security ministries began since the formation of the current government at the end of 2010, which came free of the most important ministries of interior, defense, and took Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the role of the absent Minister agency.

Continued Maliki's (MISS) management of the Ministries of Interior and Defense Agency until 2011. In August of the same year was assigned to Saadoun al-Dulaimi's Iraqi List and the Minister of Culture in the government defense portfolio proxy for closeness to the Prime Minister.
between 2010-2012 was launched more than 30 names to fill the posts of interior and defense between military and civilians.

Was among the names put forward for the post of Defense Minister Mustafa al-Hiti, and General Hashem Darraji and eloquent Ani, and Khalid al-Obeidi, and others.

post of interior minister was the other and find an objection by the blocks were part of the National Alliance, which assigned them by the political consensus.
Adnan al-Asadi, Undersecretary of the Minister of the Interior this was the closest to take over the inner bag is supported strongly by the Prime Minister, but the Sadrist movement to save the name. And refused to power many of the names put forward for the position of the Interior, and was among the names Tawfiq al-Ibrahim al-Lami, and others.
after the failure of the meetings of Erbil, Najaf, which included the Alliance of Kurdistan and Iraq and the Sadrists and the decision of the conferees to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister for failing to run the government and Tanslh for agreements that been on the basis of forming the government in 2010, initiated the National Alliance, the solution to the crisis through what he called the "paper reform", which was the most important items to end the problem of baggage security.
says a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Hassan Jihad, "We are counting on a sheet of reform announced by Ibrahim al-Jaafari . "
He added jihad in connection with yesterday's "long" that "lack of trust between the parties is the main cause of the delay in resolving security positions", following "raised many names, but does not agree on one".