Five Iraqis, including economists Shabibi figure among the top 500 Arab
On: Wednesday 8/8/2012 6:29

Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo / agencies
emerged five figures in the list of economic personal top 500 Arab world issued a news site, including the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi. And issued by Arabian Business list included the top 500 Arab figure for 2012

The list included names of the 15 figure, including 5 figures working in the field of Business and Finance, where she received architectural Iraqi Zaha Hadid on the 79th, while his sound Zhelka chairman Zhelka Bioenergy ranked 211, followed by the British out of Iraqi Nadhmi Auchi, the owner of the founder of GM H. ranked 241 what happened to Imad Makiya, CEO of Zain Iraq ranked 358, followed by Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor and got ranked 383. He said economic expert Bassem Jamil Anton selection of economic figures of pride for all Iraqis, all of us and economists in particular, warned some politicians against their interests personal interests of Iraq.
said Anton (range), the selection of economic figures in Iraq is clear evidence that the world is moving towards choosing the energies and competencies that can contribute effectively in the construction and reconstruction of Iraq.
said Anton: that the current political crisis experienced by Iraq cast a shadow on the file Economic, indicating that the political crisis experienced by the country led to the deterioration of the economic sectors all.
and issue-based Saudi businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, followed by the UAE, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, both from the economic figures in the Arab world. said media Salah Nasrawi he was "not surprised by the presence of 5 characters Iraqi economic on the list did not contain any Iraqi politician, "and because of the importance of the economy, which has become the most influential of the policy. He pointed out that" there are lobbies are present and influential in the selection of characters for the awards world, or so-called grants, always what is choice by the West as is known to have, not what is known to have such figure which is well known Western and if we pointed to Shabibi Governor of the Central Bank for example, find it a personal Iraqi economic well-known in the West as primarily responsible for the currency in Iraq as the central bank is linked to banks worldwide have its weight.
He said Shabibi knew of this section the world may not know al-Maliki in this regard because it is political and its influence inside Iraq more than the outside. "
The sequence of the 15 Iraqis were as follows 0.79 Zaha Hadid 0.211 sound Zhelka 0.237 Kazem El Saher 241 Nazmi Ogi, 327 Lihadh Ghazali 0.358 Emad Makiya 0.383 Shabibi 0.387 Madiha Hassan Atheeb 0.411 Sinan Antoon 0.435 Manal Omar 0.451 Taha Jabir al-Alwani .479 Daisy Prince 0.480 Seyyed Hossein Qazwini 0.488 Amir Salma 0.492 Khaled Mahmoud.
to the said economic analyst Ali Hannoun L / JD / "The issue of inclusion of the names of Iraqi figures working in the field of Business and the list is a good thing and this is proof that the economy in Iraq is more influential than politics and especially our policy depends on the economy, the fact that the budget rentier oil-based and most of the political positions that we are pursuing today find that they relied on matters economic, especially with regard to the conflict between the central government and the Kurdistan region on the oil contracts as turning the dispute to the dispute is political, not economic. "
He pointed out that "most of those figures of the five linked or working outside Iraq because most of who work at home always fail to dealing with the outside world not to reveal the true value of investments, but not to attempt to employ these funds to community service so they are not influential. "
The Arabian Business, one of the biggest sites on the economy and society in the Arab world and is published annually lists the strongest 500 Personal Arab and the richest 50 people Arab.