Political consensus impede the adoption of a new important laws

08/08/2012 0:00

Most notably the pardon and the Federal Court and the election of Kirkuk,
Baghdad - morning,
once again was the political consensus the direct cause for the postponement of important laws, has decided the House of Representatives yesterday raised its to day 28 of this month. Although House Speaker Osama Najafi announced legislation 110 laws during the year, in addition to the existence of 70 laws ready in the final stages, but the Parliament failed to reach a deal to pass important laws such as the law of the Federal Court and the Judicial Council and the general amnesty and vote on the members of the Electoral Commission and the enactment of the elections in Kirkuk. The decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": The Presidency of the parliament decided to postpone the vote on legal Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council until after the holiday, after a request to the Committee of Experts charged with providing the names of candidates to do so. He Khalidi: The Presidency of the parliament also decided to postpone the vote on the members of the Electoral Commission for elections until after the holiday and at the request of the Legal Committee. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives had agreed with leaders of parliamentary blocs to complete the constitutional laws, and the need to speed up the legislation draft legal Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council, in accordance with the Constitution through to reach a consensus on the points of difference.
MP Abbas al-Bayati, has announced the identification of the House of Representatives as the date for its committees no later than two weeks between the first reading and second reading of bills. promised al-Bayati's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," resolution "in furtherance" of the process of legislation of laws as soon as possible, to keep the law code for large between the first and second readings. He added that the House will see during the legislative term after the Eid al-Fitr, the legislation a large number of laws, especially laws service. But Khalidi said that "the important laws are not voted on by only line political .. and that any law is important is not prescribed, but in line political in the kitchen of political and then to the blocks and then presented to the House of Representatives and then vote on it. "said Khalidi that" there are dozens of important laws other touches the lives of citizens on a daily basis and sensitive as well as the laws of cancellation of the decisions Revolution Command Council dissolved and their alternatives, which is still waiting for political consensus against it. "in turn, announced that the Legal Committee of parliamentary that new conditions be placed Kurdistan Alliance was the reason behind the postponement of the vote on the law of the Federal Court. A member of the Committee Hassoun Fatlawi:" All the groups had agreed on the wording of the law the final for a vote a day before the date of the vote, but we were surprised that the members of the Kurdistan Alliance came under new conditions are impossible conditions can not pass a law of the Federal Court through. "He Fatlawi in a press statement, that the first condition was, but the complexity of the Federal Court, but the presence of all contributions to judges In the absence of a judge can not hold the meeting and the second condition is that the decisions of the Federal Court with four-fifths of the number of its members, ie 14 of 17, indicating that these two conditions can not agree upon other political blocs for they contribute to disrupt the work of the court and can not be the Federal Court to take decisions in this way. also accused the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary parties did not name it does not want to passage of the law of oil and gas because of personal interests, factional and nationalism. said committee member Fatima Hamidi was quoted by news agency Nina: "It is the most important points discussed by the delegation of the Energy Commission to visit him the last to Kurdistan is the subject of oil derivatives and the need for the provinces of the region of oil derivatives and the mechanism of processing of the federal government and deduct the product from the refinery in Erbil and refinery Sulaymaniyah of actual need. "and added that" the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary discussed with the province to export crude oil and its impact negatively on the Iraqi people generally and the Kurdish people in particular and how to address them, "indicating that the export of crude oil through the region without reference to the government, the constitutional violation can not be done.
According to the source of parliamentary "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network", there are three copies of the oil law, but another copy issued by the Council Minister in 2011, may be adopted after an amendment thereto, as necessary.