BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, said that the battle with "terrorism" has been "over", adding that the raids carried out by the security forces are "forced" to take.

Maliki said in a statement received "integrity of electronic" copy of it, during his meeting with the leaders and officers and ranks, who foiled an attempt to storm the prison in Taji, that "the battle with terrorism has ended and that the remaining cells is looking for a loophole, stand behind the will of other countries."

Maliki did not name any of the countries, but he said that it "will not happen with the continued strikes to eliminate them, while through the activation of the intelligence effort."

Maliki said in his statement that this process and the operation that targeted the Major Crimes Directorate was their objective to create chaos.

We know that some security measures, checkpoints, raids, may disturb the citizen, but as we said before and say today we are forced to take