07/08/2012 10:42
ERBIL, Aug.7 (AKnews)- Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said that the policy of his government aims at self-sufficiency for Kurdistan in fuel and electricity generation.

The PM made the remark during a meeting in Kurdistan Parliament for discussing the creation of a Supreme Negotiations Council for settling disputes with Baghdad.

Barzani said it is a while Baghdad government is cutting Kurdistan's share from the fuel produced at the Iraqi refineries. It has cut Erbil's share completely.

He continued it is not feasible for Baghdad to cut Kurdistan's share of fuel or electricity under every pretext daily.

"Therefore, in these two fields we will have our independence and will provide the demand of the [Kurdistan] region," Barzani said.

A number of issues between KRG and Baghdad are yet to be settled. Among them are the status and salary of peshmarga (Kurdistan border guards), the ownership of some multiethnic areas and the oil contracts signed by the KRG.

The oil contracts have become a highly sensitive subject as Baghdad labels the contracts illegal and presses the foreign companies to quit investment in Kurdistan fields.

Kurdistan and Baghdad official also accuse each other of smuggling oil and a vague dealing with oil file.

Whenever there is any tension between KRG and Baghdad, the latter puts pressure on the former by cutting its share of fuel.

By Fryad Mohammed
LL/AKnews : http://www.aknews.com/en/aknews/2/32...medium=twitter