06/08/2012 16:46

Erbil, 6 August / August (Rn) - The company Genel Energy of Turkey listed in London, Monday, for buying an additional stake in oil exploration concession in one of the fields in the Kurdistan region, according to Reuters news agency.

The agency, that "the company Genel Energy of Turkey, bought a stake additional 21% in oil exploration concession in the field of Pena Bowie Kurdistan province of Iraq. " and added that "the company bought a share of the company Howlr Energy $ 240 million dollars."

The company Genel Energy of Turkey at the forefront of companies operating in the oil province of Kurdistan, where began in 2002 the first attempts at exploration in the region, followed by De. that. or Norwegian and other companies.

Due to political differences and the problems of payment, the projects in the Kurdistan region has been turned into an exploration companies smaller with Iqbal on political risk and there is no lose with Baghdad. but in November of last year and after four years away Shell changed the rules of the game. has signed Exxon Mobil, the largest oil company, especially in the world deal to explore in six concessions in Kurdistan. and moved Chevron's second-largest American oil last month and bought a stake of 80 percent in Amtyazen two Sarta and Rufi from Reliance, India.

In the last week entered the French Total ring and bought a stake of 35 percent in the privileged silk and Sven from Marathon Oil also bought Russia's Gazprom a stake in the franchise Ckramaan of Western Zagros, Canada. and suddenly became four of the ten largest international oil companies in terms of market value activity in Erbil.

At the present time are more than 40 foreign companies digging in patches of rich oil with crude oil that flows in some parts of the hillsides and are collected in the valleys low. The proven reserves in Iraqi Kurdistan 45 billion barrels, more than a third of Iraq's total reserves amounting to 143 billion barrels according to the annual statistical report for my company. my British Petroleum, where Iraq's reserves are 8.7 percent of global oil reserves. Open: Ehsan Aervani : http://www.aknews.com/ar/aknews/2/320524/