Kurdistan parliament tomorrow looking to establish "the Supreme Council to negotiate with Baghdad."
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Erbil / Orr News
Kurdistan Parliament held a consultative meeting tomorrow to discuss the establishment of a negotiating body between the KRG and the central government in Baghdad called the "Supreme Council to negotiate with the central government." This initiative comes after the submission of the Kurdish opposition MDC led by Kurdish political Nushirwan Mostafa's proposal to form a national body to negotiate with the central government in the outstanding issues or disputes that arise between the central and regional governments, and not to limit the process, however, only the presidency of the Kurdistan region.
According to the media advisor of the Parliament of Kurdistan Tariq essence of the regional government "had prepared a proposal and sent it to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament and to establish a supreme body of the negotiations between the Territory and the Centre, and after the arrival of the proposal to the presidency of the parliament started the governing body Bmhoratha with the heads of parliamentary blocs, and after extensive discussions and exchange of views agreed parties mentioned with the presidency of the parliament to call for an expanded meeting with the participation of parliamentary blocs Kurdish represented in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and representatives of the forces and the Kurdish parties and the Council of Ministers and other representatives of the parties concerned in this matter, to be held in the parliament building is devoted to discuss the mechanisms for establishing the Supreme Council, which will be the reference and the basis in all forms of negotiations conducted by the region with the federal government in Baghdad, "said the essence of that" it is expected to attend the Vice-President of the Region Rasool Ali, Prime Minister Barzani and Vice President Imad Ahmed, at that meeting, which will examine the development of a mechanism and a system for the establishment of this Council and to identify tasks in follow-up outstanding issues with Baghdad. "
The MDC Kurdish, which leads the Front, the Kurdish opposition in Kurdistan had already stood up a position opposed to the format and style of dialogues and negotiations conducted by the leadership of the region with the federal government in Baghdad, and criticized the singling out of the presidency of the Kurdistan region represented by Massoud Barzani, the overall stock and the outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, expressing that it would not be drawn to any conflict with the Iraqi government without knowing the details of the problems and controversies plaguing the two governments, and suggested that the establishment of a national body to lead the negotiations with the federal government rather than singling out a specific destination so.