Nijaifi gives Iftar banquet attended by Maliki, Jafari, Hakeem, others
05/08/2012 19:06:00

Baghdad (NINA) Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, gave on Sunday evening, Aug. 5, an Iftar banquet,attended by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jafari, and leader of the Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakeem.

The banquet was also attended by Vice President, Khuday'yer al-Khuza'e, Deputy Speakers of Parliament, Qusay al-Sihail, and Arif Tayfour, deputy prime ministers, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Rowsch Shaways, as well as a number of law makers.