Economic Committee discusses ratification of international conventions and the CBIís intent to restructure currency : Parliamentary Economic Committee discussed the situation monthly sales of the dollar and other bills
Dated: 8/5/2012 14:45:57 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. Committee discussed the economy and investment representative number of draft laws.

said in a statement to the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Sunday: The Committee discussed the draft laws ratification of international conventions and the Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Iraq and the U.S., and Iraqís accession to the Convention establishing the International Islamic Trade Finance .

The statement added that the committee also discussedís papers received from the Department of Research entitled (the green economy on our way to achieving sustainable development and the reform of the environmental situation and the most prominent indicators of the Iraqi oil sector) in addition to discussing the book received from the Central Bank of Iraq, containing the position monthly dollar sales to the banks for the month of May 2012,

The book received from the Central Bank and the project containing the currency restructuring project to delete the zeros. :