The House finished first and second readings of the seven proposals and draft laws; Reconvene Monday : Date: 2012-08-05 17: 17: 18 Sunday

Baghdad (News) …Finished houses in the fifteenth meeting held Osama’s House and in the presence of 170 deputies, on Sunday, the first and second readings of the seven proposals and bills, after the adjournment of the meeting to be decided Monday.

The Council said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the Presidency decided to postpone voting on the bills the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Council of the judiciary and the legal Committee of the meeting tomorrow.

It added: the Board ended after the first reading of the proposed Act second amendment to University Service Law No. (23) of 2008 and submitted by the Commission on higher education valuing scientific personnel and Iraqi efforts to promote scientific research and a solid scientific basis and provide opportunities to support members of the teaching body slide from scientific and polarized campaign titles and address the issue of retirement.

The statement said: the Board to vote on the resolution submitted by 55 to re-vote on the extension of the work of the Board of Commissioners of the independent High Electoral Commission.

And in the interventions of lawmakers on Baha Al-araji rejected MP extension: extend the work of the Electoral Commission for a month, calling: not courtesy lose Office independence.

Salim al-Jabouri suggested Attorney: extension of the work of UNHCR for while selecting new members for the Board of Commissioners.

MP Ammar said that his taste: positive benefits extension as political blocs is keen to make the composition of the Electoral Commission to prevent a vacuum.

Stressed Attorney Sardar Abdullah on: importance of choosing the Council Office with impartiality and independence and legitimacy and integrity to make the political benefits, stressing the importance of holding elections on time.

In turn called MP Sadiq Rikabi to: resolve the question of the selection of eight candidates, while the ninth and choosing the filter is left which would share the Turkmen or Christians or Council vote to increase the number to 15.

Baqir al-Zubaidi said attorney: that the extension is necessary for the work of the Electoral Commission, calling for the House vote: 8 members of the Board of the Electoral Commission.

In response to interventions stressed the need for Iraq: nine candidates for membership of the Election Commission during the session tomorrow to avoid entering the Office in the case of a legal and administrative vacuum.

It said: the Council has completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the establishment of a free trade zone between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and by foreign relations committees, the economy and investment.

And in the interventions of the House drew Attorney Hassan the importance the Convention Bayezid to its role in activating and developing relations between the two countries.

Mahdi Haji invited attorney to: attach the texts of conventions concluded with the Bills to be voted upon referring to support the Convention because of their importance.

Abbas Al-Bayati, said attorney: the importance of activating the conventions almbermmh with Jordan with access to the conclusion of such a Convention.

MP referred to Al-jumaily unit: the free zone between Iraq and Jordan is an important step for the development of relations between the two countries to attract investment, calling for activating the role of the Central Agency for standardization and quality control for controlling what is imported.

MP Ibrahim Ahmad: the Convention is very important for the development and revitalization of economic realities and to contribute to promoting trade between Iraq and Jordan.

The statement said: the Board concluded the second reading of the ratification of the Convention to transfer inmates Arabic penal and correctional institutions in the framework of the implementation of the penal provisions of the committees on foreign relations and legal integrity and financial services and reconstruction.

And in the interventions of representatives MP Abdel Khader al-Taher: the Convention underpin joint Arab cooperation especially in the variables in the region calling for Arabic except terrorists from the Convention.

MP Hanan Al-Fatlawi demanded to know the limits of provisions: covered under this agreement or the possibility of reciprocity.

Placeholder names al-Musawi, invited to the Convention especially: refusal may constitute an opportunity for salvation of some accused of terrorism.

Minister of State for Safaa net debt House: the Convention did the sovereignty and security of Iraq being made on humanitarian grounds, pointing out: the guest rather than in the country of conviction, it would be in the country of operation, noting: that terrorists will not benefit from them so that you can not transfer any person accused of terrorism could affect the security of Iraq, noting: that States have the right to amend the provisions of the Convention

The statement noted: that the Council completed the second reading of the ratification of the Convention against corruption and the Arabic provided by the committees on foreign relations and legal integrity and financial services and reconstruction.

And in interventions on the ratification of the Convention referred to: MP Riad ghareeb was necessary to ratify the Convention as contributing to promote methods of combating administrative and financial corruption.

The Deputy Minister said iraqiya Iraq’s entry in the Convention is the step may help Iraq in fighting corruption, calling for vote on laws contribute to the support of the Convention.

MP Hassan wahb: that corruption played a significant role in contributing to terrorism in Iraq inter alia requires the development of anti-corruption bodies, showing support for the Convention.

It added: the Board completed the second reading of the Arabic the ratification of the Convention against transnational organized crime and of the committees on foreign relations and legal integrity and financial services and reconstruction.

The statement said: after the Board completed the second reading of the draft Act abolishing the dissolved Revolution Command Council decisions relating to education (1117) of 1977 and 1978 (1150) and (1677) of 1979, (972), 1982, (1382) of 1982 and 1983 (391) and (945) Act 1984 and (644) of 1989 and (120) of 1992 and 1992 (124) and (87) of 1996 and 1998 (119) submitted by committees of higher education and legal.

And in the interventions of lawmakers endorsed Deputy nesrin Anwar: cancel decisions becoming unrealistic, especially as regards the termination of the military service and educational bodies linked to former political approach.

Mahmoud Al-Hassan called for the Attorney to: accelerate cancel all resolutions of the Revolution Command Council dissolved that conflict with the Constitution or that no longer keeps pace with developments in the country.

The MP Abdel Hussein abtan: that most decisions are arbitrary and abolitionist in line with the vision of the deposed regime.

It said: the Council ended the second proposal readers law offices of judicial inquiry and judicial investigators and by legal and human rights committees.

And in the interventions of lawmakers called Hassan Al-jaburi to MP: not giving wider powers judicial investigators.

Proposed MP Ahmad Abbasi: working on coordination mechanisms between investigative services and information services to encircle the crime.

MP saman Fawzi demanded that the judicial investigator role in investigation of offences rather than police and security to safeguard human rights.

And Deputy Al Saadi: morning’s proposal was a very important law that judicial investigators and support deserve attribution in order to enable them to perform their job properly.

For its part called on Deputy Najib Risalat to: increased allocations for investigators of 500,000 to 1 million dinars.

For its part the Commission stressed: taking into account the proposals of the ladies and gentlemen of Deputies on the proposal to sign law proposal provides for the possibility of increasing the powers of investigators to raise on the judicial investigators./finished/s. p/ b :