Member of the Finance Committee: reject the supplementary budget in Iraq to make IMF extends its seven months in the country : Date: 2012-08-05 14: 02: 18 Sunday

Baghdad (News) … According to a member of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi list MP//Hasan Al-Bayati, the IMF decided to extend financial aid program deadline of seven additional months, owing to the adoption of the supplementary budget for Iraq.

He said Al-Bayati (News Agency news) on Sunday: Iraq’s refusal of any supplementary budget to the International Monetary Fund to extend financial assistance to work for seven months, adding that the supplementary budget being faced many objections more operational than investment leading to reject completely.

He noted that International Monetary Fund loans granted as a symbolic reference to the world of international institutions that deal only with countries that have a good financial position or improving, stating, that Iraq is improving financial payment to the international institutions to deal with it with a view to increasing investment projects that serve the citizen directly.

And: the International Monetary Fund rules provide for cooperation with States by granting loans or credit facilities aimed at increasing investment and payment service projects these loans have a payment term :