Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, reveals surprising details: "noble goal .. to visit Erbil"

Posted 05/08/2012 10:09 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Reveals the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr surprising details about his visit to Arbil, in the title of "noble goal .. to visit Erbil" which was published in "the political body of the Sadrist movement."
My diary for a visit Erbil and its implications
In the name of God the Merciful, Praise be to Allah, Praise be to Allah who light our minds with the light of science, and lit up our hearts beam of faith, and decorated our souls Pfiaudhat ethics, Vtsamy rights and Ola on the horizon of the universe, and praise, to God who made ​​us guidance guided him and imitate his family, and between us astray Vneptad dissociate ourselves from him and his family .. Thank him night and day parties, thank continuous cord and one does not cut off the number of breaths he is. "

Generally speaking, the visit (Kurdistan) came after a long wait from me and who are in Arbil, and all parties to all, they visit among the largest components of the Iraqi people, resulting in a convergence of nationally important, so they - I mean the brothers in Kurdistan - named it (the visit historical), and they were Mhkouran on it, and were right at the same time, they came to unite the class and the Iraqi Bashiath piece in and enacted, but there is now playing on the sectarian chord again with great regret, Such meetings thus provoke him and raised. Note that the visit came after many calls them, the most recent call Brother Kurdistan Prime Minister (Mr. Nechirvan Barzani), who visited me in (Tehran) (1) as well, and had a friendly visit and we put through strategies of our relationship with them and outline them, has opened a lot of files and file on top of Kirkuk, Iraqi and it remains an important and whatever was to be, other files are no less important for that. He came later to visit Iraqi Kurdistan, the expected long-standing, that visit that differed by a lot, some of whom he described as political suicide and my people, and another described as a resounding success at the national, political, and especially as it came after the sharp differences between the (Government Center) and the (Government of the Territory ), hoping that our visit, which goes to those differences which causes many different eyes and Afhaam li ba'd and trends, some of whom said it was because of the (oil), and some of them said it was because of the (funds), and some of them said it was because of (the judiciary), and other reasons, others may not obvious to the reader Allbeb. Reasons prepared and necessitated a third party to intervene to solve them, came regularly and I do my duty to them, as in many other cases ... Was one of the interests that Tokhittha to go to Arbil, is a convergence of views between two disputing parties or rival at the time as we have said earlier, the Kurds want their rights and say that the center had robbed them, and the center says that they have attacked and took what did not deserve at all. In addition to entering the other hand, the (mass Iraqi) and the case of judicial proceedings against one of their elders, and so on of sympathy between them and the brother Massoud Barzani, and the President of the Kurdistan region, gathered together the parties there are in addition to Iraqi parliament speaker Osama Najafi, who came from a trip treated to Arbil, in order to interspersed national meeting and makes it official and legitimate as is well known. After the reception enjoyed by the government of Kurdistan (1), were the meetings in succession, and was the first of brother Massoud Barzani, in our residence a few hours after we arrived, and after the press conference that you made ​​in the Erbil International Airport (2) which contained eighteen point had heard a lot of cross-media audio-visual and print ... It is clear to me within minutes of our meeting the first lot of things that were hidden from me, because of the spatial dimension between us, or because of some of what I receive and the unreached of things vanished in the first minutes of a protective brother Massoud Barzani, (3), the meeting was brotherly very important what to put where is (no confidence), with no room to stop without ... Debate was very, very long ... This large project with many ramifications can not click as soon as one session only, he would confront the many and great, especially as I am of the Shiite community in Iraq, and this is leading to a move away some of the Shiite parties from us, and at the same time, the no-confidence needs to be many voices answered by Barzani's brother as a present and without a doubt or a doubt, in spite of Ceccheki so .. I have met on the second day His Excellency President of the Republic brother Jalal Talabani at his residence (4), and was a supporter implicitly to ask although I found the fear of some of the other parties to it, but he has put it clearly and transparently, which means that there is a consensus of Kurds to do so .. . Came the brother of Dr. Iyad Allawi, who reports for a moment on what to put, and his right Osama Najafi ... However, I in length so I explained to them that this project is difficult to achieve, and that it should be preceded by something more important than, the non-renewal to any person for a third term as prime minister on at all ... However, their opinion was, that the withdrawal of confidence by the governor on what I put forward. Meetings and rolled one after the other without interruption, but with enthusiasm and rush, because if the parties agree upon the whole ... Only refused to come to Kurdistan, also refused to come to Tehran earlier, when you want them to attend our meeting and I al-Maliki, namely (Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari) and brother (al-Hakim), the former owner of the agenda of government can not leave them at all, and second, it stands The cross on the hill regarding our project, although he sympathized with him. The last meeting which resulted in the paper with nine points (1) and signed by each of: (Brother Massoud Barzani, representative of all parties Kurdish political) and (brother of Dr. Iyad Allawi, a representative of all Iraqi List) and (brother of Osama Najafi as head of parliament (f) the writer of these lines). Came of this paper after a meeting chaired by President of the Republic of Iraq Brother Jalal Talabani, and the presence of the brothers, Mr. Massoud Barzani, and Dr. Iyad Allawi, and Mr. Osama Najafi, and Mr. Barham Saleh, Professor Rasool, Mr. Adnan Mufti, and Mr. Mohammed Allawi, and Professor Emeritus cream , and Prof. Fouad Hussein, and Professor Ethel Najafi, in addition to some other brothers of the Kurds and the Iraqi List, add them to this writer and his entourage (2)

The most important house in this meeting, is (no confidence) for the Prime Minister, at the discretion of President of the Republic, claiming that a neutral party to his status and position in which, however, he supported what came in the Seetmmh etc., and then claimed a few days later that he did not anticipate becoming a and access to (verified).

When I heard that from him and that he wants to stay impartial, I am appalled that after what you heard from him shortly after saying first that he is willing to withdraw confidence, and that he could not be protected by the Constitution and defended by the presence of al-Maliki in power as prime minister, and it is restricted in many of his actions, with the Constitution ensured that his powers are ... And that, as a guarantor of the Constitution would agree to withdraw confidence from it for those reasons.

What was to me only to shock the audience asking another project: to be an intermediary for the delivery of their voice and their message to the President of the Alliance or the coalition, to be Kelqa argument last to complete the repairs, and away from marginalization and exclusion and the politicization of the judiciary, and so things have been agreed on paper Site it, falls to me as a message delivery to the National Alliance.

And actually has been signed that paper, which did not focus a coalition, nor the media nor any member of the Iraqi people to any of its terms, only (point VIII), namely:

(No confidence) I do not know why?!! .. The Constitution supports us, support us and democracy, we project we came to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister and not the (leader of necessity) or (infallible) or a person who is doing (bias), what are the governments of the day reflect or represent the image of Shiism never never ... As we have said so and we noted earlier the face of a referendum to us (2).