Saturday 4 August 2012
Reform Commission to begin to reveal her meetings this week on the reform paper

Follow-up - and babysit -revealed Reform Committee emanating from the National Alliance for the start of this week for meetings with committees with all the political blocs in order to bring them into a paper reform. A member of the Committee Bahaa al-Araji said that "reform committee will begin this week to hold meetings with the committees of all the political blocs in order to bring them into a paper reform."Araji said that "intensive meetings will be held this week in order to finalize the paper that the reform should be a partnership of all the blocks and not only the reform of the Commission." Araji and that "everyone will be involved with a draft paper as long as the reform demanded guarantees and ceilings of her time", in reference to the Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List.In conclusion, the Chairman of the Reform Committee Ibrahim al-Jaafari interviews compiled over the past month with all the heads of political blocs to brief them on paper and steps to reform the National Alliance for Halhh political crisis.According to Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan they were until now Ejehlan reform paper prepared by the National Alliance, but the latter says he will present on the blocks for the purpose of expressing its acceptance, modification or deletion.