Mutashar Samurai: reforms to the implementation of the terms of the Erbil

A member of the Iraqi List, Mutashar Samurai, Friday, the paper put forward the reforms of the National Alliance Who recently in order to resolve the political crisis that gripped the country achieved the implementation of the terms of the Erbil
He said al-Samarrai told Baghdadi News /, the "paper reform announced by the National Alliance to solve the outstanding problems between the political blocs can not reap the fruits without reference to the paper agreement Arbil, which was formed on the basis of which the current government, and of achieving balance within the security services and the completion of the prepare rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and participation in decision-making and determine the terms and completion of the positions and proxy authentication Itbún who held senior positions and legislation of laws such as the law of parties and the oil and gas. "

He called on the government to the need to speed up the implementation of the terms of this paper, adding that "everyone will go back on all his positions if a witness to the fact reforms, calling for all break away from the sect and party, national, and go to the bosom of the motherland Iraq because the dispute is not a hope in resolving the crisis and lead to more division and fragmentation that is not pleasing the faithful. "