Dr. Osama Mahdi

Complained about the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to representatives of foreign countries and UN agencies in the province of attempts to return Iraq to the era of authoritarianism and autocracy and stressed its ongoing quest to build a federal, democratic, pluralistic and consolidation of security and stability and peace for all Iraqis and overcome the reality of crisis with the federal government in Baghdad.

The aim of informing these diplomats in the region about the latest developments on the Iraqi political arena, said Falah Mustafa, head of external relations in the provincial government that this meeting comes within the framework of strengthening the bonds of bilateral relations and access to the latest political developments, economic, social, and see the program consulates and discuss relations between the territory Kurdistan and Iraq, the federal government, in addition to the political process in Iraq in general and the Kurdistan region in particular and important issues such as the deteriorating situation in Syria and its implications for the region.

The Mustafa keen Kurdistan Regional Government to strengthen the bonds of relations in the political, economic and cultural development and strengthening of endogenous capacities with the countries of the world in general and with neighboring countries in particular, and said that these relations have witnessed remarkable progress during the last period through visits by senior officials and diplomatic delegations to the Kurdistan region.

Then he talked about the current situation in the region, Iraq and the position of the Government of the region about the recent events between the province and Baghdad, adding pursuit region lasting and continuous build a federal, democratic, pluralistic, and his continuing efforts to establish security, stability and peace for all peoples of Iraq and beyond the reality of crisis .. But he said: "Unfortunately, we note there are attempts to return Iraq to the era of authoritarianism in the government, through the domination and exclusivity in the reins of power.

Brought to an official Foreign Relations of light contracts the Kurdistan region of oil with some of the world, and rejected by Baghdad, saying: "All the oil contracts signed by the Government of the Territory in the legal framework of the Constitution federal Iraq since the advent of a number of international oil companies, the giant to the Kurdistan region came under the Constitution ".

And military moves, the last of the Iraqi army to the borders of the region bordering Syria, said that after the liberation of Iraq in 2003, under an agreement concluded between the province and Baghdad and the coalition forces entrusted with the responsibility to protect those areas troop Kurdish Peshmerga, and since then the region has seen a remarkable stability in comparison to the rest of Iraq, which deteriorating security caused by terrorist acts. Therefore, the movements of the Iraqi army in this region has caused concern for the Kurdish people, who regarded as a threat to the security of the region.

And the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government about the situation in Syria, said Falah Mustafa, the KRG will not interfere in any way in the internal affairs of neighboring countries and that he respected the will of the Syrian people in the right of self-determination.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the diplomats and representatives of foreign countries and representatives from United Nations agencies in the region a number of questions and inquiries and observations to the foreign relations official in the Kurdistan Regional Government on the oil and gas law and the position of the Kurdistan region of Syria's situation and the outstanding problems between the Governments of the region and Baghdad.

The relationship between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government tense several months ago concerning the differences of political and constitutional, and some outstanding issues most important engagements of oil to the region and management of oil wealth and Article 140 of the Constitution for the normalization of the situation in the disputed territories including Kirkuk province, and in the management of border crossings and airports and other administrative and legal powers.

Barzani threatened in televised comments Saturday secession of the province in the event of continuing political crisis and the differences between the KRG and the federal government in Baghdad. He said that "the current situation can not be tolerated, Our people will not tolerate, and I'm sure that the Iraqi people will not accept this, certainly in some of the things I will have to return to the people, but I should first consult the parties and parliament and the power in the region, this is not a decision of my own to ADOPTED by myself But certainly at the moment we feel despair and loss of hope in solving these problems Vsaaud to my people.