Barham Salih, looking with the head of the National Council of the Syrian Kurdish situation in Syria

Baghdad / WAP / Research Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Barham Ahmed Saleh on Friday in the city of Erbil, with Ismail meaty head of the National Council of the Syrian Kurdish situation and current events in Syria.
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A statement of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan today: "The benefit of the National Assembly received the delegation of the Syrian Kurdish and discussed with him, situations and events in Syria and the region and the changes and developments in the Middle East."

He added: "The two sides stressed during the meeting the project of democracy in Syria in a manner that the rights of the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular, and stressed the importance of the unity of the Kurdish and other components of the Syrian people."

The statement said: "The benefit received, on Thursday Basset sovereign head of the Syrian National Council and the delegation accompanying him, who represented the people of the regions of Hskh and the island."

He noted that, during the meeting, emphasizing the democratic process and coexistence between the components of the Syrian people and the unity of the Kurds row and defending the legitimate rights of the Syrian people, and respect for his will to self-determination and the future of his country by himself. / End