Date: 2012-08-03 12: 54: 27 Friday

the need to apply the tariff act to support the national economy by activating productive sectors and reduce commodity dumping suffered by the local market of foreign goods.

He said Al-igaily (the news agency news) on Friday that requiring all Federal Government ministries and departments not associated with Ministry of contribute and hard to create the best climates appropriate for the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers which incurs the tariffs on materials and goods and imported goods; given the importance of this approach in strengthening national product which is one of the factors helping to develop sources of income.

He continued: in addition to prevent the continued flow of various materials, in particular poor quality ones that ignorant consumer services most origins.

Al-igaily said: the Government was forced to postpone the application of the law to tariffs by declining product competition before national and foreign goods goods has negative returns on all economic sectors in the country which is still suffering from the dominance of commodity dumping on the domestic market in the request for the serious deterioration of the main sectors of the economy of industry and agriculture, leading to abort the idea of local industry promotion, other sectors of the economy.

He stressed: the importance of productive activities to sparkle for various economic sectors and developed to boost the national economy and help reduce growing unemployment rates that have led to growing numbers of the poor and the needy and the prevalence of child labour.

He noted that many States seek to local flooding the market with various types of goods and commodities, in order to achieve the objectives of political or economic beneficiary of the non-implementation of them Iraqi Government tariff resolution that would enable it to discharge its cargo in our local bad easily after becoming the country’s markets to foster waste developed and developing world alike as a result of the rule on commodity dumping domestic market leading aliaghad and the erosion of its domestic industry