And called for a stop "threats against oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, where we said that these threats useless, and that these companies have not and will not be subject to such threats, because if you were to put any oil company contracted with the territory on the black list of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, this means that There will be no level of international companies, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Gazprom Krupp and the French and Russian companies operating in Iraq, is in the interest of the Iraqi denial of these giant companies from working in Iraq and contracting with companies small and unknown. "

He hoped that "respond to the Iraqi government for this initiative, and perhaps it will be paving the road in order to reach agreements and resolve the crisis at all in matters of oil and gas production and reach agreements on all the points of difference, which will reflect positively on the Aqtsagd the country and the citizens of all Iraqis."

The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government had announced earlier that the Kurdistan Regional Government has decided to resume the export of oil extracted in the territory after a break of about four months.

The minister said Ashti Hawrami in a press statement, "Despite the reluctance of the international oil companies producing in the region at the beginning of it for export without payment guarantee has persuaded the provincial government to resume the export rate of 100 thousand barrels a day."

He added that "after calls from friends of Iraq in political circles, diplomatic, government decided to resume exports to the region to build trust with the federal government to solve all the problems of the existing oil and gas in Iraq."

He continued that "exports will remain at 100 thousand barrels per day for a month and if you arrive payments will rise to 200 thousand barrels a day."

The Kurdistan Regional Government since April, the export of oil extracted in its territory, against the background of non-payment of the oil marketing company for the financial dues of the region according to regional officials say.