August 2, the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Kuwait

Khazaal Ghazi
On this day (2 August) of 1990, the Iraqi army entered Kuwait, what a shock to the two peoples of Iraq and Kuwait, but also for the peoples of the region and the world. The invasion began the process of fast ended seizure of Iraqi forces over the entire Kuwaiti territory in two days, and formed Alslkat Iraqi "government of Kuwait," On 9 August, Iraq announced the annexation of Kuwait to Iraq. political analyst, Abbas Yasiri believes that everything that has happened to Iraq and the region was the result of "the repercussions of that invasion Alahjna who wishes to exceed the two sides memories Alalmih to Afatha a new page of relations between the two countries. " citizen Abu Saad recalls that day and say: "The news of the invasion of Iraq, Kuwait, the form of a shock to the Iraqi people, who knew that Saddam may drag Iraq and the region to the scourge can not get out easily." The citizen believes that the Iraqi people have suffered more than the people of Kuwait following the invasion of Kuwait and to the still suffering the results of the present day, while Abu Ahmed said that the Iraqi people have not only reaped the tragedies by the invasion of Kuwait.