Najafi stresses activate the work of the Committee on constitutional amendments and the "rule of law" that questions

Posted 02/08/2012 02:19 PM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Speaker announced Osama Najafi in a statement to activate the work of the Committee on constitutional amendments, and expressed his belief the possibility for significant changes to the Constitution: "Preparations are many to begin to work intensively, and powerful can get significant changes in the Constitution such as federalism and the powers of the regions and their constitutions, but this is still under study and different opinions. "


The deputy, a coalition of law Haider al-Abadi ruled out constitutional amendments without achieving the political consensus, "if there is no political consensus on the amendments do not imagine could be passed."
Abadi and between stages of a constitutional amendment saying: "First Committee must agree on the amendments and present to parliament for approval and then put to a referendum, and must have the consent of the Iraqis third of the electorate, is not objectionable to three provinces and the process is difficult and complex."
And failed in the House of Representatives legislative session in a previous constitutional amendments for determining the powers of the region and personal as well as other issues related to the political system.