Najafi and Acting U.S. embassy discuss bilateral relations and the political process : 2012-08-02 13:53:13

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. View House Speaker Abdulaziz Osama Najafi in his office Thursday morning, with Robert Beecroft, Acting U.S. Embassy in Iraq, the future of bilateral relations between the two countries, and the achievements of the parliamentary institution in addition to the developments in the paper's political reforms.

Najafi said that the council was able to proceed during the year 110 law in addition to the presence of 70 law ready in its final stages, including the law of the Federal Court and the Parliament to seek the enactment of the elections in Kirkuk.

He pointed out that we need a genuine belief in partnership and democracy and to accelerate the resolution of outstanding issues, including the security ministries and military leaders in addition to the balance in institutions all for the purpose of building the state and we have to Anagaf when legislation only, but of faith, including prescribed the House of Representatives and seek to implement it.