Saad: bombings today to try to thwart the invitation of the National Alliance for the leaders of political blocs

Accused the MP of the National Alliance Susan Saad hidden hands of trying to derail the meeting called by the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari of the leaders of political blocs in order to bring the views to resolve the current crisis, through the bombings that took place Tuesday in the capital Baghdad.

Said Al-Saad said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "There are agendas are trying to destabilize security in the country to muddy the political climate and ensure the continuity of political crises taking place," noting that these agendas are afraid that the yield call on Jaafari to the leaders of the blocks on the breakfast table and be able to improve the atmosphere all. "

"The bombings bore the hallmarks of today's actors are trying to confuse the expiatory country and prevent the solution of crisis in particular that the National Alliance and other parties in the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan are trying very hard to mediate between leaders of the blocks to solve the outstanding problems between them."

This has seen the capital Baghdad on Tuesday, two car bombs which killed and wounded about [40] people.

As announced by the Ministry of Interior siege two suicide bombers inside the building department counter-terrorism in central Baghdad.

The channel quoted the Iraqi semi-official senior agent in the Interior Ministry, Adnan al-Asadi said that "the security forces surrounded the two terrorists wearing belts Nasvan inside the building department counter-terrorism, killing terrorists Thirdly," adding that "the security services prevented the escape of prisoners during the operation and some of the leaders of terrorist organizations."

The security source said to [where] said Tuesday that "the security services are looking for two suicide bombers wearing combat terrorism within the Directorate in Baghdad, and that research is still going on with them." Ended