Iraqi government confirms the absence of any intention to threaten the province of Kurdistan

The federal government has said any party does not think that there will be a confrontation between the Federal Army who exercises his role in the protection of the country and its sovereignty and the Kurdistan region, stressing that the era of the threat is over and no longer in the mind of the country's politicians.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement published Tuesday there is no intention to threaten the present Covenant and ended up not think any party that there will be a showdown between the federal and provincial army, and it no longer exists in the thinking of the Iraqi political.

Dabbagh said that there is a new era in Iraq, represented by the government of the partnership there are no intentions is positive towards any party of the Iraqi parties, noting that the Kurdistan region should be reassured that there is no any party, whether the Commander in Chief of the armed forces or political party accept to enter into a confrontation with the Kurds.