Ala Talabani: no right of any party to dispose of a security area of a disputed
[9:29] 12/Jul/31

Erbil, July 31 (PNA) - called for an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Ala Talabani, Tuesday, to be the presence of Iraqi military forces in the disputed areas in coordination with the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government, asserting that the Constitution does not grant the right of any party to dispose of a security in the region disputed.
He said Talabani told Biamunir that "Iraqi forces have the right to move in these areas, but the joint coordination, because the presence of these forces in the disputed areas without coordination is sensitive."
She explained that "according to the constitution when there is a disputed area is not right for any party to act with absolute military security, and what is happening now is the need to coordinate."
It showed that "the official spokesman of the Ministry of Peshmerga stressed that the issue needs to be coordinated between the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, because it's basically there is coordination between the two ministries, and that these areas disputed and move the troops from both sides must be through coordination between them and the knowledge of the other does not is not aware of. "
Charmaine dry - M. FZCO