MPs are demanding Maliki to reconsider the deployment of troops in the disputed
Date: Monday 30/7/2012 9:33

Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi

returned to the forefront of political tension between Arbil and Baghdad on the back to send the final pieces of military to the disputed areas, the development of a new crisis between the two sides, at the time the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani not to dispute it with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, "but our real problem with the mentality that believes in armed solution to the problems rather than dialogue. " Asserting that "Maliki lost hope."

Word Barzani met with rejection of the government, which justified the decision to send troops and federal police, at a distance of 600 kilometers on the border between Iraq and Syria that he "was not aimed at the territory of Kurdistan."
The statement by the General Command of the Armed Forces, yesterday I got long, a copy of that "in time to renew the keen not to blow armed clashes, we emphasize the need to respect the territory of the system and the law, and that the objection to the presence of federal forces deployed on our common border with Syria, which is outside the boundaries of the region constitutes a clear violation of the laws and security measures. "
For his part, said the Kurdistan Alliance's actions the federal government towards the Kurdistan region, "provocative", adding that the disputed areas and borders of the territory it does not need to force it better for these forces to stay in the unstable regions for the deployment of security.
said Rep. Ashwaq dry in a statement to the correspondent term in the House of Representatives that "the problem is compounded Day after day, and we find someone trying to create a new crisis and the complexity of the problems between the provincial government and the central government at a time waiting for solutions to the crises in the former. " She added, "that the issue of moving the troops from the province of Nasiriyah to the disputed areas that enjoy security thanks to the forces of the region who are part of the defense system, is a step" provocative "added to the provocations, the other by the central government."
She dry that the animation is not coordination thereon between the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Coordinating Committee of the Kurdistan region.
In the same context a student gathering "Iraqi" headed by House Speaker Osama Najafi, on Sunday, the commander of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki to reconsider the deployment of security forces from the army and police in the disputed areas in Nineveh province .
The MP said the assembly Hassan Jubouri in a press conference building of the House and attended by "term" that "combines" Iraqi "with the deployment of the army in all Iraqi territory."
However, Jubouri saying that "there must be prior coordination with the joint committees between the army and the Peshmerga before any movement, "and urged" the leader of the armed forces to re-consider strengthening the forces stationed in the areas of Afar and Baajh and Sinjar. "
The Jubouri on "the need for dialogue and coordination between federal forces and the forces of the region to keep the specter of internal wars".