Economic Commission: postponement of tariff law enters the inferior products
Date: Monday 07/30/2012 19:22
BAGHDAD - A citizen
reported a member of the Economic Commission Deputy Nahida Daini, that the tariff law has been postponed due to lack of government control over all border crossings, as well as the potential lack of commitment to ports in northern Iraq of the decision. said Dani on Monday:
The lack of the enactment of the tariff and to continue to delay it for several times would result in significant damage to the citizen and lends itself to the trader of manipulating prices, according to his interests. She added that the economic policy in Iraq, policy Takbtih and unsuccessful, so the Government is developing a five-year plan of the Iraqi economy, including the adoption of tariff law and the law to protect local product and a tight control over local markets and traders and the issuance of licenses to import goods and commodities. She explained: that Iraq is a country and the lazy and non-consumer product, and not to adopt tariff law lead to the introduction of inferior products for hard currency to go to the exporting countries.