Been agreed with them to support the group al-Maliki
Maliki agrees with the Soldiers of Heaven in the province of Babylon
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 30/07/2012 AD - 12:53 PM

According to informed sources close to the Dawa Party in Babylon to the Shatt al-Arab News Agency said there was a move by the Dawa Party, the ruling group and the host of heaven through the deputy Haitham Jubouri and member of the Babil province Haidar Jabar wasp.
And these sources have confirmed that there are seven members of the group characters of the host of heaven and among them the leader of the group Hassan Hadi, it was agreed with them to support the group al-Maliki in return for compensation for damage suffered in the camp there Alzerkh and other claims relating to the affairs of the state.
Note that the Soldiers of Heaven group of groups that were classified in the past by the Maliki government as a terrorist and deviant and is not known how to deal with a coalition of Prime Minister of this group.