Parliament voted a law privatize the electricity sector in Iraq and Congress, "National Alliance" object
Posted 30/07/2012 11:32 AM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation" of Ahmed al-Lami
Committee announced that the parliamentary oil and energy, the House voted yes on the law for the privatization of electricity in Iraq.
A statement followed by a press of the Commission Chairman Adnan al-Janabi, "The vote today on a law to ensure the allocation of electricity after the arrival of convictions to everyone that the Ministry of Electricity is no longer able to solve this problem."
He added: "The expenses which are allocated to electricity since 2006 exceeded 26 trillion dinars (about $ 25 billion), but all you got is to increase the amount of electricity, 1000 MW only."
said al-Janabi, that "the law include 3 paragraphs essential is the establishment of the private investment and have a special law and the second point is that the actions of the body in concert with the Ministry of Electricity through the consolidation of work in the relationship with the investment companies and the latter is the provision of facilities full of companies invested by reducing the tax and administrative facilities. "
to the student members of the "National Alliance" dominant on the government to cancel the vote on the Law of the privatization of electricity.

Iraqi parliament

The deputies said in a press statement delivered on their behalf MP Fatima Hamidi today: "We hold the presidency of the Council the responsibility to pass the law through the uniqueness of the two blocks to change and add some paragraphs to the law in violation of the Constitution."

She added that "the formation of a special body for investment and the enactment of it will take a period of not less than two or three years and this will increase the crisis rather than resolve them in addition to the vote are not in electronic format but designed to pass a clear law in any way."
Download House of Representatives and the "responsibility of the presidency of the Council pass a law contrary to the Constitution in coordination with the Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy."