Najafi calling for "urgent reform" is certain: the citizen is deprived of services as a result of excessive selfishness of some politicians
Posted 30/07/2012 01:21 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares Liberation"
student Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, political reform "through adherence to national project to overcome the political crisis, and to meet the demands of the Iraqi people."
Najafi stressed the importance of expediting conduct reforms: "We must seek to reform the political future through adherence to the project national levels, and this is the only hope, and the commitment of the owners of this project I think will change, and otherwise will continue to approach the old, and is lethal for Iraq and the political process. "


He said Najafi to the reflection of the political crisis on the disables to meet the demands of the Iraqi people: "We will not accept the Iraqi people, they continued t attack on civil rights and constitutional, and overcome the right to obtain services that were received as a result of selfish excessive for some politicians."
and plans to the National Alliance, who leads the government, which leads the government put his paper on the reform partners to develop a unified position to overcome the political crisis experienced by the country since the end of last year.