The President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, regretted that some people in Baghdad, he said "no holds good for the people of Kurdistan," saying the federal government cut the budget of the province a "declaration of war."

This came in a televised interview with Barzani interview on Al Jazeera English-speaking.

And Barzani said, "The cause of our people made ​​a lot, but I can not deny that we are still faced with many challenges, but I can assure that the Kurds crossed the stage that was threatening their survival, but it is impossible for us as a people have to accept to give up everything we have achieved."

Regarding the situation in Iraq, Barzani said that "Iraq faces in general serious problems, and we have two types of problems; the first of the major problems in Iraq and the second with the problems between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, and we are trying to solve a whole, has told Iraqi leaders that we are willing to discuss with them if they on the ready to come and speak to us, we are fully prepared to do everything possible to help solve these problems, and if they are not ready, I will come back to the Kurdish people and Asfém what to do. "

Regarding the referendum, the people of Kurdistan, said Barzani that "the current situation can not be tolerated, does not allow us to continue, Our people will not tolerate, and I'm sure that the Iraqi people will not accept this, certainly in some of the things I will have to return to the people, but I should first consult the parties and power in the region, must be consulted Parliament, this is not a decision of my own for the decision on my own, but certainly at the moment we feel despair and loss of hope in solving these problems Vsaaud to my people, but before that I have to consult the political blocs here and with the parliament. "

With regard to the existing problems with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Barzani said, "I will not allow any way to become a problem between me and him personal, certainly I have great confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki because of the relationship of long existing between us, but I lost hope as a result of what happened, sometimes I feel that Maliki if my place during the meetings held here, he would have defended the Kurds in the same way defended by them, but unfortunately at the first opportunity he had the order in 2008 directing the tanks against the Kurdish people in Khanaqin and then began to lose confidence in it. "

And on the purchase of Iraqi warplanes, Barzani said, "For us, the F-16 does not differ from the aircraft MiG-19 or MiG-21 (used by the regime of President dictatorial Saddam Hsien against the Kurds in the eighties) we see that it used against us, we see tanks and other weapons were used against our people, see number large forces were used against our people and not what we fear, our fear is the survival of view which is the troops and tanks solution to the problems, we do not believe that this Christlha, that is a perception and the bitter reality facing Iraq today as a result of that view of things, and we do not want to repeat that, If Baghdad or the federal government is considering using it; we must return in time to think about how to target thousands of 16 for the agent be able to reach us, and we hope that this issue but we have prepared and we will do our best to avoid things up so much. "

And contracts on the Kurdistan's oil and the position of the federal government, including, Barzani said, "Unfortunately, it is clear that some people in Baghdad do not harboring good for the people of Kurdistan are simply hostile to the Kurdistan region, this is not the issue of legal or constitutional understanding simply want to stop progress in the Kurdistan region and this conviction, not include any of the contracts we have concluded that a constitutional or legal problems. "

"In the year 2007 was supposed to be discussing the draft law of oil and gas in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and said then that the law if not initiated in May of the same year, the two sides can (the federal government and provincial government) to conclude oil contracts, they were behind the lack of legislation, law , The question here is why they let that go for a long time without discussion in parliament. "

He emphasized that "our contracts where there is no violation of the constitution or legal, are all consistent with the Constitution and we are ready to sit down and dialogue with them, at any rate in the moment that we discover in which any violation of the Constitution or the law in any area we will be happy to admit it, but what we see now is the hostility to the people of Kurdistan and this is used as an excuse, and instead of this hostility to them to respond to the Iraqi people; has spent $ 27 million on the electricity sector is able to explain to the Iraqi people what happened to that amount of money?, they exert their efforts in providing services to the Iraqi people. "

And on the budget of the Kurdistan region that threaten the federal government in the cut, Barzani said, "cut the budget for the province of Baghdad will be considered a declaration of war and we will respond to any circumstance follows, there are a lot of options and not the use of weapons is the only option, but this situation can not continue .. We do not talking here about the old Iraq but about the new Iraq that must be managed in partnership real can not be the party or one group under the leadership of the country and this is precisely what the problem is in Iraq today, the issue is related to the fact that one person managing several roles of central, I do not think that the Iraqis accept this No Shiites and Sunnis, and the problem that led the group individually Iraq, it will also take him to an unknown future. "

And on training response Syria in the region, Barzani said, "are our brothers and they have the right of us, put the Syrian issue different from the rest of the region, they have been deprived of basic rights, they are not obtaining the identity and were considered as refugees or outsiders, so the training is not for fighting but to make them ready to perform their role when the situation calls for it, and to make sure not to violate the rights of Kurds, Syrians, definitely want to note a change in the Kurdish issue in Syria, but it depends on them, that their role and we believe that they can play a positive role, has played a positive role in building the New Syria which will be a democratic country, that their right and the right of the Syrian people to see a better future, and the right of the Kurdish people to enjoy that right in Syria. "